useful links

CineCamColl It is a site of a great Belgian collector. He has a great many different movie cameras in his collection. The site is very interesting with a lot of pictures. Hugo Perquy sells many movie cameras: the prices are in Euro.
Caméra super8 bauer et nizo This is the site of a french technician, an expert in the reparation of the old Bauer and Nizo movie cameras, before the new electronic cameras. This site is a meeting spot, where all fans of the ancient Super8 Bauer and Nizo camera cam find informations, advices and discussions.
CINEPRESE These are the Aleardo Goracci's pages, simple but with many photos of his movie cameras.
Movie Camera Antiques Valentino Benini is an italian (Bologna city) enthusiast movie cameras collector. Valentino offers the photos and descriptions of his collection; moreover he intends his site becoming meeting point for all collectors.
Cameras Pro It's a commercial site, where is possible to buy movie cameras and projectors. It is a little ... muddled.
Pathe , Pathex , Pathescope , Film Collector An enthusiastic collector of french movie cameras. He lives in Alaska, at Anchorage. He has a very nice site, with wonderful photos.
The 8mm Film Format Metadirector A very interesting site: it is a long list of links to various internet resources for all collectors. It is a very important site for the 8mm enthusiasts.
Movie Cameras A list of the following movie camera brands: Bolex Paillard, Bell & Howell, Canon, Minolta, Nikon, Nizo, Revere, Sankyo. There are photos of many movie cameras with a brief description.
Appareils photos et caméras A french site about cameras and movie cameras. Many interesting informations. It is possible to purchase.
Cine Camera Collection A site of a certain Mr. Neil Prince (San Diego, California) who meant to sell his collection of 200 movie cameras (8 e 16mm), projectors and accessories. An english buyer purchased. This site is very interesting, because there are many photos and the descriptions are very detailed.
Kodak Cameras An enthusiastic Kodak cameras collector placed online his collection. There are many movie cameras too, with photos and a brief description.
Ottomillimetri Gabriele, an italian (Pavia) collector placed online his collection. There are useful links, useful information, and a list of thousand movie cameras. Very interesting.
Super8List A site about Super 8. The author placed online the list of all Super 8mm movie cameras. He describes every movie camera with many and interesting details.
Historic Antique Camera and Photography Collectors A resource for antique camera collectors and photographers. Contains collectable and classic camera references, photographic history, a photography related only links web search engine, bulletin board, shows and events calendar, camera and photo galleries.
Ottomillimetri Stefano Bertelli is a videomaker and webdesigner is Rovigo. He realizes musical videoclips and internet pages.